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Buy Browline Sunglasses Online

Browline Sunglasses - From Cult Model of the 1950s to All-Time Classic

A long-time classic, browline sunglasses and glasses have been making a steady comeback since the early 2000s and have only grown in popularity in recent years, both among women and men. The browline style, which is characterized by a thick upper rim, usually made of plastic, and a lower metal rim, is easily adaptable to a feminine cat-eye shape or a angular rectangle shape, hence its broad popularity. Thanks to the combination of plastic and metal materials, this on-trend style is also very stable and reliable. This timeless style goes particularly well with formal or office looks and adds a touch of vintage elegance to any outfit.

One of the first browline models to spread the popularity of this frame style was the Ray-Ban Clubmaster, which today represents one of the best-selling glasses on the planet. The success of this model has only encouraged other brands, such as Tom Ford, Michael Kors or Prada, to produce their own unique variations on this style. Men’s browline sunglasses

History of Browline Frames

After the market became saturated with the panto frame style in the 1940s, both industry and consumers were looking for a new, fresh style. The browline frame came just in time. Personalities such as Malcolm X or the US entrepreneur Colonel Sanders were the first to make the glasses famous. The former in particular owned various models in different colors, so that the glasses virtually became a trademark of the radical civil rights activist.

In the 1970s, sales dropped sharply with the rise of the hippie movement and round sunglasses and floral patterns took over in terms of popularity. Nevertheless, this trend did not last long and in the 80s, the timeless design began to recover from its unwanted banishment.

The film industry played a huge role in the renewed success of browline sunglasses as they repeatedly featured in blockbusters at the time. One of the most famous appearances of the glasses was in the 1993 Hollywood film Falling Down, where the frame was perched on the nose of the main character William Foster (played by actor Michael Douglas).

Browline Sunglass Styles

While the browline frame is a classic style most often in brown, Havana or black with a gold or silver rim, there are modern twists available in every color from blue and green to red and pink. And when it comes to sunglasses, you can be especially creative with the lenses - how about blue mirror lenses or gradient pink lenses?

As a general rule, there are two variants in shape. On the one hand, there is the classic frame, which consists of two separate plastic sheets joined by a metal bar in the middle. On the other hand, there are the monobrowlines, where the upper part of the frame consists of a continuous plastic arch.

All our browline frames are of the very highest quality, so it's basically impossible to go wrong with our selection of branded and designer eyewear. Whether you focus on vintage and classic sunglasses or prefer to reach for modern, more oval variants like the Ray-Ban Clubround depends only on your preference. If you like patterned colors, Havana brown or tortoise is always a good choice. A good example is the Polaroid PLD 1012/S, which not only has a brown Havana upper rim, but also looks light and elegant at the same time.

Do Browline Sunglasses Suit Me?

The browline shape actually suits every face, but longer faces look especially good with these frames. The delicate design makes neither the sunglasses nor the faces behind them appear too bulky, as is often the case with thick-framed, black nerd glasses, for example. Instead, they tend to soften the facial features, so that not only newcomers to eyewear and those who want to be less in the limelight, but also women and men with narrow and delicate faces are increasingly opting for precisely this vintage style. Just make sure the upper part of the frame is flush with the eyebrows so that the sunglasses fit the face perfectly and, as the name suggests, the attention falls on the brow area. For more fashion tips and inspiration, check out our blog with articles on topics like which glasses suit your shape face and how to choose prescription lenses for sunglasses.

With 3D Virtual Try-On, you can try on most of our models and get an impression of how your chosen model looks on you. Simply turn on your webcam and click the icon beneath the product image. If the shape doesn't suit you or you simply want to check out another frame for comparison, you should look at a few other options such as oval sunglasses, rectangle sunglasses or aviator sunglasses. browline sunglasses women

Our Services

If you want to buy a pair of browline sunglasses online, you've come to the right place. In our brand and designer eyewear online shop you will find a wide range of browline sunglasses for women and men, all with glasses cloths and sunglasses case included in the price. Use the filter on the left to narrow down your search and you will find your dream pair of sunglasses easily. All of our browline sunglasses already include tinted lenses with UV protection, but you can also choose custom lenses with prescription, photochromic tint or polarization for many models. It goes without saying that all of our products are genuine and brand new originals. Second-hand products and copies have no place in our warehouse.

To make shopping online with us even easier, we offer FREE delivery and, for all designer boutique orders, FREE EXPRESS delivery. If you have received your glasses and the frame doesn't fit quite right, you are sure to find valuable tips and advice in our blog. Our Master of Glasses also has a whole host of tips on points such as "Repairing Browline frames" or "Adjustment". If you change your mind, you can simply return them free of charge within 30 days via free shipping. Only frames with custom lenses or prescription lenses cannot be refunded, unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, simply contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to help.

About Us

As specialists in eyewear, we offer our fashion-loving customers the highest-quality models at unbeatable low prices according to our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". Many of our browline sunglasses are also available at reduced prices or in our Sunglasses Sale. Here, a wide variety of models are available at exclusive low prices. So what are you waiting for? Visit us in the extraordinary eyewear world of Edel-Optics and treat yourself to a striking frame in the browline style, so that you don't just follow the trend, but can enjoy the sun thanks to reliable quality.