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Saint Laurent Eyeglasses


product group

  • Eyeglasses (9)


  • Women
  • Men


  • S under 130mm (4)
  • M 130 – 135mm (3)
  • L 136 – 140mm (1)
  • XL over 140mm (1)
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  • square
    square (2)
  • Cat-eye
    Cat-eye (1)
  • oval
    oval (1)
  • panto
    panto (1)
  • Pilot
    Pilot (1)
  • rectangle
    rectangle (1)
  • round
    round (1)

frame shape

  • Full rim
    Full rim (7)
  • rimless
    rimless (2)

Face shape

  • Heart
    Heart (1)
  • Oval
    Oval (1)
  • Round
    Round (2)
  • Square
    Square (2)
  • Trapezium
    Trapezium (2)

frame colour

Frame material

  • Plastic (6)
  • Metal (3)

price USD

  • 120 – 250 (4)
  • 250 – 350 (5)

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About Saint Laurent

"During the day, he helps us to exist in a world full of unknown people. In the evening, he gives us seductive charm,"

said actress Cathérine Deneuve, who was a great fan of the fashion designer Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent. The French star designer gave people what they needed or made them what they wanted to be. This philosophy of Yves Saint Laurent lives on even after his death in 2008. The company of the same name has since dropped the "Yves" part of its name, but has retained the attributes rebellious and insubordinate as Saint Laurent. Furthermore, the brand stands for Parisian couture cool and is most strongly associated with the color black. "Colors? Black is my refuge," the style-setting revolutionary of fashion design is reported to have once said. It is this approach to design that still inspires the label's collections today, whether it's Saint Laurent glasses or sunglasses, accessories or clothing.

models wearing saint laurent glasses

Saint Laurent History

As a child, the introverted Yves found refuge in the world of fashion. Growing up in the Algerian town of Oran, he was an outsider at school with his gentle soul. His understanding mother gave him protection at home. Instead of asserting himself on the football pitch, the then eleven-year-old showed what he was made of with pen and paper and put his first drawings of costumes on paper.

Just six years later, the up-and-coming designer laid the first tangible building block for his career when he entered the annual competition of the International Wool Secretariat in 1953 and won bronze in the "evening dress" category at the first attempt.

With a lot of courage in the tank, Yves Saint Laurent ventured into other competitions where he made a name for himself. He proved his talent by designing cocktail dresses and coats, among other things. The successes he achieved not only increased his self-confidence but also his network. With plenty of contacts made, the little rebel no longer felt the need to finish his training as a fashion and stage designer in Paris. Instead, he continued to focus on practice, developing his skills as an assistant to none other than Christian Dior. Just three years later, Yves reaped the rewards of his diligence when he was promoted to art director.

After that, it was a steep rise to success. After animosity from his employer, Yves Saint Laurent decided to go into business for himself and founded what was then the fashion label Y(ves) S(aint) L(aurent), which he named after himself. The three initial letters that form YSL, vertically superimposed, are still internationally known as the logo today and feature on many glasses models in gold or silver.

model wearing saint laurent glasses womens

Saint Laurent Eyeglasses

Saint Laurent offers a range of eyewear designs for women and men to suit every taste. Elegant, slim frames made of acetate or metal are suitable for all occasions, from the office to the opera. Currently on trend are Saint Laurent's oversized frame shapes, which add a vintage vibe to any outfit, as well as their timeless aviator and cat-eye frames. Saint Laurent's color range mostly includes subtle, neutral tones such as tortoiseshell, havana brown or black. Made from materials such as shiny acetate or metal, they are comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear.

model wearing saint laurent glasses mens

Shopping with Edel-Optics

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