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Buy Lacoste Eyeglasses Online

About Lacoste

He who dares wins - that was Jean René Lacoste's life motto. It may seem like a platitude, but in this case it is actually justified. Lacoste revolutionized tennis fashion, introduced countless technological innovations and established a cult label selling clothing, accessories and of course glasses and sunglasses that the whole world knows today. But let's start from the beginning: what is this green crocodile logo all about?

How Young René Became the Crocodile

René Lacoste was born in Paris in 1904. At the age of 15, he began playing tennis and quickly became a highly successful player. Apparently talent played less of a role than iron discipline and strategy. He analyzed all his opponents meticulously, kept lists of their weaknesses and strengths, rehearsed every stroke a hundred times until he was satisfied. This strategy helped him to ten Grand Slam victories in the 1920s, an Olympic bronze medal and two Davis Cup titles - and thus to a place on the eternal list of tennis heroes. Before a match in the Davis Cup in 1923, his team captain apparently promised him a crocodile skin suitcase, which the latter found particularly beautiful, if he won the match. Unfortunately, nothing came of the victory - and thus also of the suitcase. But an American journalist who had overheard the bet described Lacoste as a "crocodile" in his article. Lacoste liked the nickname so much that he had the green reptile applied to his white tennis blazer. At the time, however, no one could have imagined that the gag would become the logo of a global brand.

From Sportsman to Fashion Designer

The nickname was indeed a perfect fit. "The crocodile stands for my tenacity on the court. I never give up my prey," he once said. His steely will, however, did not help against a lung disease that eventually forced the tennis player to give up his sport in the early 1930s. But Lacoste would not have been Lacoste if he had not come up with something new. At that time, tennis players still sprinted around the court in pleated trousers and long-sleeved shirts with cuffs - an elegant but also very uncomfortable sports outfit. With the help of textile manufacturer André Gillier, Lacoste had a short-sleeved shirt with a collar tailored from light cotton piqué and - of course - decorated with his crocodile on the chest. The polo shirt was born and caused a real scandal when he played in it at the US Open in 1926 (and won!). Soon after, the polo shirt began its triumphal march across the tennis courts of the world. After all, who wouldn't want to look like the best tennis player of the time on the court? Lacoste thus became the first brand to use their logo offensively - a real stroke of genius.

The Hype About Shirts

In 1939, the white polo shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons and green crocodile had already sold more than 300,000 units. John F. Kennedy was also a self-confessed polo shirt fan. In the Fifties, colored polo shirts brought the breakthrough, and in the Eighties, the shirts with the crocodile became a real mass phenomenon: there was hardly a popper who didn't present his reptile with a raised collar and proud chest. For the image of the Lacoste brand, this logo hype was a double-edged sword, because in the nineties of the grunge era, polo shirts became as uncool as anything for precisely this reason.

Tirelessly Innovative

Lacoste himself probably didn't care anymore, the company founder died in 1996 at a ripe old age and had already handed over the business to his son Bernard in 1965. But probably, in view of the situation, the designer would have simply come up with something new, as he had always done. Because what many might not know: The jack-of-all-trades not only wrote tennis guidebooks and invented the polo shirt, he also designed a ball machine with which tennis players could practice without opponents, developed the first metal tennis racket, experimented with various methods to make the racket grip better and applied for a total of 20 patents in his lifetime. Chapeau, Monsieur Lacoste!

Lacoste Eyeglasses - Men's and Women's Sporty Eyecatchers

Speaking of hats off: from the 60s onwards, Lacoste successively licensed accessories such as caps, exclusive leather bags, watches, sneakers and launched an eyewear collection - all characterized by clear lines and sporty elegance. Lacoste's unique style is a combination of French flair and cosmopolitanism, and their designs are deeply rooted in the company's sporty roots. Striking colours combine with distinctive shapes to create a look that is as street as it is club-ready. Both women's and men's Lacoste glasses are the perfect complement to preppy outfits and classic elegance as well as casual streetwear looks - and all at affordable prices.

Particularly popular are the Lacoste frames in acetate due to their light weight, high wearing comfort and durability. Currently on trend are the rectangular full rim frames in bold colours such as blue or red or in monochrome black and white, which helps the little crocodile logo on the temple to stand out more. If you prefer round frames, go for transparent nude frames with narrow metal temples that give the model lightness and vintage appeal. For a more feminine glasses frame, go for one of the popular cat-eye models in tortoiseshell or black with metal detailing. Particularly for sports lovers, Lacoste eyeglasses are the perfect combination of fashion with sporty style. Semi-rimless models also have a high-class and preppy look at the same time - and are thus also very "Lacoste".

Shopping with Edel-Optics

If you want to buy Lacoste prescription glasses online, then you've come to the right place. In our online shop you can find all the top eyewear brands including Lacoste, Bvlgari, Gant and more at top prices including FREE shipping and FREE returns within 30 days. Only glasses with custom lenses are excluded from returns, unless there is a fault. Simply use the 3D online try-on or order your frame without prescription lenses to try on at home first. You can then either have the lenses fitted locally or send your chosen frame back to us for fitting. We offer a wide range of lens types and lens coatings so there is something to suit everyone. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite Lacoste eyeglasses frame and get ready to "SEE AND BE SEEN"!