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Buy Calvin Klein Eyeglasses Online

   Calvin Klein Style

It's important not to confuse simple with uninteresting.

... as Calvin Klein once said, which perfectly sums up the New York designer's life's work. Klein became world famous with his clean and minimalist aesthetic, the who's who of stars modelled for him, his underwear even made film history. Calvin Klein glasses and sunglasses may not be quite as well known as some of his other products, but with their understated, elegant look they fashionably complete every outfit - whether purist Skandi aesthetics, modern avant-garde or effortless coolness.

   Calvin Klein Glasses Frames

Subtle sexiness - that is Klein's design motto, and it also applies to the Calvin Klein eyewear collections. Clear lines and subtle colours are his secret to success. His bestsellers are filigree frames made of metal in gold and nude shades - whether in aviator, round or rectangular frame shapes, this frame style looks fabulous on both men and women. Calvin Klein rimless glasses or semi-rimless and full-rim in tortoise are equally suitable for business and club wear. Frames in high-quality plastic materials also guarantee good wearing comfort and long-lasting color fidelity and are also suitable for somewhat thicker lenses. Those who want to add a more serious touch to their look love the classic, simple models by the brand and like to opt for frames in black, brown or deep navy blue.

   More About the Brand

   The Origins of Calvin Klein

Even at a young age, Klein had a clear picture of his future in mind: directly after high school, he began his studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and then worked as a designer for various New York fashion houses. His school friend Barry K. Schwartz eventually lent him money and the two founded their own label under the name Calvin Klein. The first collection in 1968 consisted of just three dresses and six coats for women. But apparently Klein's particularly great talent for tailoring and aesthetics was already evident at that time, because these few pieces were enough to demonstrate the fashion house's vision. More followed, and the designer's timeless and minimalistic style quickly went through the roof.

   Wow Factor Advertising

The fashion label's advertising campaigns also played a considerable role in the hype surrounding Calvin Klein. As he said himself, "advertising wants to attract attention, nothing more." And it continued to do so, because Klein was fully aware that jeans were not only hard-wearing work trousers, but could also be quite sexy. And the tighter they were, the better they sold. In the first week alone after the launch of the first commercial with Brooke Shields, 200,000 pairs of jeans crossed the counters.

   Fine-Rib, Baby!

In the seventies, no one would have expected that fine-rib underwear would ever become all the rage. But for Calvin Klein, all it took was cotton and an elastic band with his name on it to start a revolution for underwear. Especially since the briefs were no longer just worn underneath, but also provocatively peeked over the waistband together with the logo. A few years later, so many men wore cK underwear that Klein's daughter Marci once complained publicly: "Every time I go to bed with a man, I see my father's name on the underwear!" Otherwise, the gag in the film Back to the Future probably wouldn't have worked either: In it, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) returns to 1955 via time machine and is accidentally called Calvin Klein by his mother. After all, that's what it said on his pants... A legendary product placement for the growing company.

   Big Names - Big Ads

In the 90s, supermodels such as Christie Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss loll about on billboards as tall as houses - wearing nothing but Calvin Klein jeans. This was followed by duo spots with Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss, also lightly dressed, for Klein's new underwear collection. And at the latest with the legendary campaigns for the best-selling fragrances Obsession and ck One, Calvin Klein cemented its throne in the fashion kingdom. How many traffic jams in New York's Times Square at that time were due to Calvin Klein posters remains to be determined.

   The cK Design Empire

But Calvin Klein is not just jeans and underwear - the empire of the king of minimalism would not have become so big by a long shot if his regular collections had not sold like ice cream on the beach. The cK logo was the measure of all things in the 90s, his satin dresses reduced to the bare minimum dominated the red carpets, and with his high-quality unisex fashion he decisively helped define the trends of the nineties and also the emerging gender debate. Soon it was no longer enough for him to design only clothing, accessories and fragrances - jewelry, watches, home articles followed - and of course numerous eyewear collections.

Every story has an end, and even fashion gods like Calvin Klein are entitled to a comfortable retirement. In 2003, Klein and Schwartz sold their empire to the PVH group, which also owns Tommy Hilfiger. However, nothing changed in terms of stylistic orientation. And so we can continue to indulge in the minimalist eyewear styles from the house of cK.

   Shopping with Edel-Optics

If you are looking to buy Calvin Klein eyeglasses at low prices online, then you've come to the right place. In our online shop we offer all the most popular designer eyeglasses frames, including Calvin Klein eyewear for men and women. All orders come with original branded glasses case and wipe. You can also choose from a wide range of lens types, including anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings and UV and blue light filter to protect your eyes. Free shipping and returns within 30 days makes shopping with us even easier. Only glasses with prescription or custom lenses are excluded from returns, unless they are technically faulty. Use our 3D Virtual Try-On to check if your chosen frame suits you or order the frame without prescription lenses to try on at home, before having the lenses fitted by us or by your local optician. So what are you waiting for? Discover our range above and choose your favorite pair of designer Calvin Klein eyeglasses so you can "SEE AND BE SEEN"!