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Buy Esprit Eyeglasses Online

About Esprit

More than 25 years earlier, Esprit founders Susie and Doug Tompkins found happiness twice over under the Californian sun. First, the young couple met while hitchhiking, discovering that they shared not only a common fondness for this hobby, but also similar dreams of a simple, cozy and quiet life.

Later, the second part of their story began when the couple launched the Esprit brand in San Francisco in 1968 and began selling their self-sewn one-off estate car pieces in the largest US state. When this bore fruit, they did not forget their values, but emphasized them like no other. Even before Eco-Fashion entered the fashion scene, as environmental activists themselves, they had already arranged a supplier of organic cotton. They paid particular attention to wool that could be used entirely without animal suffering in its production. Whether it's using recycled, sustainably produced or biodegradable materials, this more ecofriendly approach to fashion is part of what makes the brand so popular today. Apart from ecological aspects, Susie and Doug never ignored social concerns and the responsibility for their employees, but declared these to be central aspects of the company's philosophy right from the start.

When the company was founded, it was still called Esprit de corps. Part of the name may have disappeared in the meantime, but the attitude to life has not changed in the corporate culture. After all, the company name is an ode to friendship, family and the well-being of being together. True to the credo: "Feel good, look good."

In 1995, the fashion brand Esprit ventured into a new challenge and presented the first Esprit glasses and Esprit sunglasses. A move that paid off, as the Esprit glasses with single vision lenses immediately found buyers and at the same time immediately established themselves as sought-after and much-worn accessories. In addition to the well-known Esprit eyewear quality, the attractive Esprit eyewear price is above all a selling point that makes customers swear by the label.

Esprit - Message Through Fashion

The extent to which Esprit identifies with its own company and its employees can be seen in particular in the Real People Campaign, in which the company's own employees were chosen as the main faces of the campaign. The pictures were not adorned with the typical, flawless beauties we often see in advertisements, but offered insights into the people behind the fashion, how they really live. The whole project was rounded off with private and sometimes humorous statements taken from life to make the message very clear: Esprit is different, more personal, more authentic!

The company has remained true to the principle of involving people and seeking dialogue to this day. For international communication, however, Esprit did not miss the opportunity to follow the typical path of a fashion company. As in this case, two-track thinking often leads to success, so that supermodels Gisele Bündchen and Christy Turlington could be won as figureheads and representatives of the label. While Bündchen embodies the stylish, cosmopolitan side of the brand, Turlington combines fashion with Esprit's original "natural way of life".

Esprit Glasses Styles

Youthfulness and self-confidence are attributes that Esprit stands for just as much as effortless style and everyday suitability, without forgetting the elegant touch. The label rarely allows itself to be hooked onto trends but plays a key role in creating them. Offering glasses for women, men and children, the designers of Esprit Eyewear deliberately play with details and thus add simple accents to suit everyone's taste. Ranging from timeless classics to ultra-modern, Esprit glasses frames can be combined with almost any outfit in your wardrobe. Transparent color gradients can be found on many Esprit frames, which perfectly reflects the latest eyewear fashion. But also glasses in azure blue or rosé pink are very popular among Esprit’s eyeglass models. The bottom line is that Esprit is constantly evolving and yet stays true to classic lens shapes that go hand in hand with filigree frames to create a coherent, elegant image.

Shopping with Edel-Optics

If you want to buy a pair of glasses by Esprit online, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Edel-Optics we offer all the most popular models by Esprit and other top eyewear brands such as the Hugo by Hugo Boss, Chopard and Rodenstock, all including glasses case and cleaning cloth in the price. Simply use our 3D Virtual Try-On or order your chosen frame without prescription lenses for at-home try-on. Prescription lenses can then be ordered in a later step, either with your local optician or by sending the frame back to our expert opticians for glazing. FREE Shipping and FREE Returns within 30 days makes shopping with us even easier. Only glasses with prescription or custom lenses are excluded from returns, unless there is a technical fault. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite pair of Esprit eyeglasses and get ready to SEE AND BE SEEN!