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Adjusting your - glasses An optimal fit on

The best thing is to have a look at the right tricks from the best source, Phil, our "Master of Glasses" by clicking on our video tutorial on this page.

Adjusting Eyewear

We've all experienced this before. Your new glasses arrive in the mail, you impatiently tear open the packaging just like you do at Christmas and try them on at once. But there is only one problem and that has nothing to do with getting used to your new glasses. Every time you move, the frame either slip off your nose or is too tight and presses against your ears. But there is a quick remedy for this: easily adjust the glasses yourself. However, only 2 of the 3 frame types can be adjusted with this method. These are models with metal temples, as well as plastic eyeglasses with metal inclusions integrated in the temples. You will recognize such inclusions by holding the temple against the light. To adjust the glasses, you should bend the curve of the temple that exactly fits on the ear - not before it, not behind it. Hold the exact point with your thumb and gently bend the temple over your thumb with your other hand. Use the same procedure on the other side and the temples have now been adjusted. If your glasses are a little bent because you have sat on them or if the temples for any other reason are pointing in different directions, this can easily be fixed with metal frames by bending the temples in the opposite direction, until the desired result is achieved. But beware! As already mentioned, there is a type of eyewear that can't be adjusted with these little tricks: plastic frames without any metal inclusion in the temples. You can bend yourself or the frame as much as you like, but you won't like what happens, because you will probably break the glasses rather than achieve the desired result. Other supposed home remedies don't work either: hair dryers, microwaves, kettles or dishwashers ... nothing, nada, niente. And putting your glasses in a wok will not shrink them or tighten them up. The only thing you will achieve with your effort is another visit to the optician, because you have simply destroyed your glasses.
The best thing is to have a look at the right tricks from the best source, Phil, our "Master of Glasses" by clicking on our video tutorial on this page.
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