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Video Tutorial

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Tutorial 3:
Repairing eyewear - Inserting lenses

Bei Phil, unserem „Master of the Glasses“
könnt ihr euch das im Video Tutorial beim Profi abschauen.

Repairing eyewear - reinserting a lens

If you fall asleep wearing your glasses, you might find them in bits when you wake up. It can very often happen that one or both lenses have dislodged from the frame. There are several ways of resolving this problem:

1. A visit to a reliable optician.
2. You need to buy a new pair (especially if the broken glasses have been irreparably damaged and you have no insurance to cover the broken glasses) or
3. You discover your unknown talents, taking it into your own hands. If you've opted for the latter, start at the top outer edge of the frame and continue with the top edge near the bridge, then move to the bottom outer edge and finally to the bottom inner edge. With the latter part, you should put a little more pressure on the lens so that it will plop into the frame. Repeat the process in exactly the same fashion with the other lens and abracadabra the glasses are back in one piece again.
Am besten schaut Ihr euch im Video Tutorial noch einmal an,
wie es der Experte vormacht.
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