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Buy Reading Glasses Online Easily

Looking for the perfect pair of branded or designer reading glasses? Then you’ve come to the right place. In our online shop, we offer ready-to-wear reading glasses in set strengths from brands such as Porsche Design. All of our other glasses frames can also be fitted with single-vision lenses suited to reading – in this case you just need your prescription.


Reading Glasses Guide

What should I look out for when buying reading glasses?

Before buying reading glasses, you should always have your eyes tested by an ophthalmologist or optician. If you already have distance vision glasses, consider progressive glasses so you don’t have to keep switching your glasses all the time.

man having eye test What are the pros and cons of reading glasses?

While it might feel a lot easier to go to the nearest drugstore and buy a pair of reading glasses off the shelf, this is not always the healthiest solution for your eyes. Ready-to-wear glasses with fixed diopter values may solve your vision problem for a short time, but they may also create a new one.

Pros of premade reading glasses:

  • Easy to buy and find locally
  • Can be low cost

Cons of premade reading glasses:

  • Ignores corneal curvature (astigmatism)
  • Ignores pupillary distance or eye spacing
  • Ignores different visual strengths in each eye
  • Have to be taken on and off (unlike varifocals)
  • Can cause tired eyes, feeling dizzy, headaches or discomfort
  • Not always cheaper than prescription glasses

Glasses with near-distance prescription lenses or varifocals made according to your needs are definitely the better choice here. If it’s budget your concerned about, we offer good quality prescription glasses that can be used as reading glasses from £17.99.

Reading glasses or varifocals: which is better for me?

With reading glasses, only the close-up range comes into focus. So if you look up from your mobile phone to read the display board at the station, you will only see it in a blurred way. You then have to either take off your glasses or opt for a pair of half-lens glasses that you can see over. However, everyone will then immediately see that you are farsighted. The more comfortable (and age-concealing) solution is varifocal glasses. With these, you can see close up as well as far away gradually. Moreover, varifocal lenses are virtually indistinguishable from normal single-vision lenses.

lady reading a book with glassesHow do I order reading glasses with prescription?

Once you have chosen a glasses frame, simply click on “Order with prescription” next to the product image and you will be taken to the Digital Opticians. First, enter your prescription details. Then a smiley face will indicate the recommended lenses based on your prescription. You can also add extras such as UV protection, super anti-reflective coating or blue light filter, to make your new reading aid perfect.

Benefits of Shopping with Edel-Optics

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