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Buy Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Online

About Marc Jacobs Eyewear - The Diva in the Glasses World

One thing that is exciting about fashion is the surprise element. People don’t know what they want. They just know when they see it.

This is the philosophy of a designer whose eccentric streak and bold ideas meant he was always criticized for being a diva and an “enfant terrible” on the US fashion scene. Unlike many of his colleagues and contemporaries, he is known for being able to influence the looks of his clients in unexpected ways, truly living out his philosophy of surprise in each one of his designs.

Today, Jacobs is considered one of the most influential and popular fashion designers of our time, who skillfully combines contrasting elements in a coherent image. The results are equally attractive and unconventional pieces of jewelry that add up to more than the sum of their parts.

With this, almost every new season the visionary of the international fashion scene doubles as a Nostradamus of a world where creativity is lived out on the stages, catwalks and pavements of large fashion metropolises. An incredible feel for future trends is just one of Marc Jacobs' many talents. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

History of Marc Jacobs

After the loss of his father, Jacobs, then 7 years old, was raised by his fashion-conscious grandmother on the Upper East Side of New York. Despite the blow of fate, there was a silver lining on the horizon as his grandmother taught him to knit, arguably laying the foundation for the unprecedented career that followed.

After high school, he took the next step and enrolled at the renowned Parsons New School for Design at the age of 18. He gained recognition shortly after graduating in 1984, when the young designer picked up quite a few prizes and got himself into the game at the fashion company Perry Ellis. It was there that the press not only celebrated his first designs, but also named him "Designer of the Year".

Only two years later, together with his business partner Robert Duffy, he launched his first Marc Jacobs collection, which also marked the start of his own label Marc Jacobs International. Here the exceptional talent realized his vision of the famous grunge look. "“Grunge is a hippied romantic version of punk," explained the idiosyncratic designer, who counts the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants among his role models. Although celebrated in the press, the special style was not yet noticed on the streets and at the shop counters.

The final breakthrough, however, came when Jacobs moved to Paris in 1997, where he joined Louis Vuitton as creative director. There, his ideas not only saved the ship from sinking, but also led the fashion company, known as a luggage and accessories house, into unimagined spheres. But that's not all: the self-proclaimed workaholic still found the time to further advance his own brand and to broaden it, especially with the Marc by Marc Jacobs line (MMJ for short), which includes Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, various fragrances, a watch line, two different eyewear collections and a children's collection.

The incredible success along the entire product range can also be seen in the sunglasses collections, which are now produced by the LVMH Group, whose superior quality ensures the authentic Marc Jacobs glasses and sunglasses are easily distinguishable from fakes.

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Mens

More About the Style of Marc Jacobs

The strange thing about fashion is you love it and you hate it. As a fashion designer, I love and hate change.

An extremely ambivalent statement from the designer who is known for his radical changes from one collection to the next without losing his signature style. Especially in fashion, but also in sunglasses, the designs are as versatile as a chameleon and regularly tear down the walls of a scene that has been considered untouchable for decades. The result often ends up in fairy-tale worlds that are more reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland than reality.

The basis of Jacobs' design philosophy is broken beauty. A typical Jacobs phrase is: "Maybe it's so hideous that it's beautiful again." His fashion often has a childlike, playful feel with lots of little details that together stand out from the crowd. This style has now come to be expected by critics and buyers alike. As Jacobs puts it: "Just when something is considered tasteless, it is really great."

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Womens

Marc Jacobs Sunglass Styles

Scarlett Johansson, Selma Blair or Natalie Portman are just a few of the celebrities who couldn't escape the charm of the sunglasses or clothing collections of the unconventional New Yorker.

Marc Jacobs designer sunglasses are all about extravagance, eccentricity and a combination of colors and materials that, at first glance, don't seem to go together at all, but in the end create so much more than just a striking image ... and all with the guaranteed UV protection.

If you're looking for a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses for men, a popular style are the aviator and square frames such as the Marc Jacobs MARC 119/S. Rectangle sunglasses with clean, minimalistic lines such as the Marc Jacobs MARC MJ 252/S and the MARC 172/S are also extremely popular and suit most styles.

A classic among the Marc Jacobs women sunglass styles is the cat eye frame. This evergreen frame shape adds an extra touch of femininity to anyone's outfit and suits many face shapes. For example, with the cat eye sunglasses Marc Jacobs MARC 203/S or Marc Jacobs MARC 47/S you will feel fabulous all day long.

A very special piece of jewelry is the MARC Daisy. This particularly feminine model features a very special detail. As the name of the glasses suggests, there are two daisies on the outside of both temples, which brings the frame right back to the flower power era. For something a little more unusual but still very on-trend, go for one of Marc Jacob's new hexagon frames with subtle angles and circular lenses, such as the MJ 1003 S.

If you're not sure what frame color to go for, the ever popular tortoiseshell or havana brown frame is a safe choice. Thanks to the neutral color, brown tortoiseshell frames go with any outfit and can beautifully compliment brown hair colors or eyes, for example. Blue and black frames are also popular choices that easily match many different outfits. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Womens

How do I spot a Marc Jacobs fake?

To make sure that you don't fall for Marc Jacobs imitation sunglasses, there are a few things to keep in mind. The word "MARC JACOBS" should appear prominently on both the inside and outside of the temples. Price, workmanship and weight are of course always just as much indicators of genuine models as the corresponding Marc Jacobs sunglasses accessories - i.e. the original Marc Jacobs sunglasses case and cleaning cloth. (If they are too cheap, they could also be second-hand goods). Marc Jacobs sunglass replicas are relatively easy to tell apart, because the spelling usually has a flaw. The most common variations are Mark Jacobs, Marc Jacob* or Marc Jacob.

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Once you've made your choice, our digital opticians will help you to choose any custom lenses or Marc Jacobs sunglasses with prescription. Whether you choose gradient lenses, polarized lenses or self-tinting lenses depends entirely on your taste. After all, when it comes to buying glasses, it's a case of: to each his own!

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