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  About Moschino

Today a world-renowned designer selling luxury clothing, accessories and, of course, glasses and sunglasses, Moschino once began as a small company when founder Franco Moschino registered it under the name Moonshadow S.p.A. in 1983. Franco began like many other fashion designers: with studies at an art academy, which in his case was the Milan Academy of Fine Arts. After leaving the school, it was only natural to gain his first experience at one of the fashion companies based in Milan. So in 1971, Franco landed with none other than Gianni Versace, who hired him as a sketch artist. Five years later, Franco was working for the Italian fashion brand Cadette.

However, the lateral thinker was not happy during his employment. Franco Moschino always had a mind of his own and decided early on to create his own fashion. Yet this passion was a love-hate relationship for him, because although he liked the work, he could not identify with the industry at all. He distanced himself from being perceived as a fashion designer and gave the scene the cold shoulder, even the middle finger (figuratively speaking) with his designs. So, in 1991 Franco decided to withhold his new collections from the Milan fashion shows and instead launched an advertising campaign with the slogan "Stop the Fashion System!" His stance against the profit-greedy fashion industry and capitalism in general made him the best-known anti-hero from Milan to Paris.

  Moschino Style - Cheeky and Fresh

Colorful, playful, unconventional and even crazy are the attributes most often used to describe Moschino fashion. Not to mention the brand's cheeky and provocative approach that sets it apart from its competitors. The anti-hero's antics were often perceived as outrageous by the far too serious fashion industry. For example, Moschino once put the words "Ceci n'est pas une boutique" (this is not a boutique) on the windows of his boutiques. On the back of a high-priced women's jacket from the 1990s collection, the words "Expensive Jacket" were written in gold letters. Moschino fired even more directly at its competitors with, among other things, a T-shirt showing a TV with the words "Channel No. 5" on it, the aim being to poke fun at the fashion house Chanel, which ended up in court to Moschino's detriment.

Critics and consumers, on the other hand, were divided. Franco was partly able to get the trade press on his side. The trendy consumers of high-priced Italian fashion were among Moschino's enemies, whom he saw as annoying "fashion victims", but they celebrated the anti-hero. Moreover, Moschino’s quality and its fresh look inspired by Dadaism, Surrealism, Pop Art and Conceptual Art convinced customers around the world. Moschino's motto that fashion must be fun was evident in every collection, whose designs often featured ironic, parodic or satirical elements. He used accessories such as bows and hearts, and to this day recurring symbols include the peace sign and the question mark.

  Moschino Eyeglasses Styles

Moschino's recognizable features can also be spotted on their glasses, of which the Moschino Teddy is probably the most popular. The cuddly bear in gold is a subtle touch on the temples of many Moschino models. Also a signature look is the Moschino red, one of the brand's most used colours. Not to be missed are eyewear models with the world-famous Moschino logo, which consists of either a circle and two question marks on top of each other or the brand name with its signature capital lettering.

  Shopping with Edel-Optics

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