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Stella McCartney - Beauty and Environmental Consciousness

“Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.”

This is one of the many ideas of the self-confessed animal rights activist Stella McCartney. In order to protect the animal world and nature, the British fashion designer attaches great importance to consciously chosen resources. Her refusal to use fur or leather in her fashion receives great praise and is even honored with awards. That McCartney's corporate philosophy is not just a temporary marketing move is proven by her behavior over the past decades. At just twelve years old, she already designed a pink bomber jacket made of artificial suede. Since then, the designer has served as a role model for the entire fashion industry.

Stella Nina McCartney is not only a Child of Nature (as John Lennon would probably call her), but also a child of Paul McCartney. The ex-Beatle had a great influence on his daughter's career and has always supported her in her endeavors. Although Stella's life path did not lead to the music scene, her father did not put any obstacles in her way as she achieved other successes. In 1988, he organised an internship for the young talent with fashion designer Christian Lacroix. Stella McCartney got a taste of designer life and her enthusiasm for fashion received a further boost. An academic career was thus inevitable, which is why she completed an art course at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication in North Greenwich followed by a degree at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. McCartney's involvement in fashion did the rounds, with celebrities also taking notice of her creative output. Her graduation collection was presented in 1995 by none other than Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell and subsequently acquired by the London fashion boutique "Tokyo". This success paved the way for the young fashion designer.

This led directly to the executive suite of the Parisian fashion label Chloé, where she followed in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld. There she took on new challenges, including designing the wedding dress for Madonna at her wedding to Guy Ritchie. Another four years of experience allowed McCartney to grow, eventually making her position at Chloé too small. Gucci gave her the opportunity to create her own brand Stella McCartney within the Gucci Group (now "Kering"). The Brit used her newfound freedom with the Italians to express herself creatively. Her creations, which combined puffed sleeves, pastel colors and lace with masculine cuts, enjoyed high popularity, which made the market value of the newly founded label grow quickly. Consequently, other companies showed interest in cooperating with McCartney, including the French company Saint Laurent, which marketed the skincare range CARE by Stella McCartney together with the fashion designer under the then name Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. All cosmetics of this sub-brand are organic and thus perfectly match the nature-loving worldview of the animal welfare activist.

Stella McCartney Eyeglasses for Women and Children

Since the cosmetics line was also a success, the entrepreneur felt encouraged to further expand her range. So after clothing, sneakers, perfume and cosmetics came accessories, which include Stella McCartney prescription glasses and Stella McCartney sunglasses. They are not only beautiful creations of a creative mind, but also clean products for a clear conscience. Because instead of using conventional plastic made from raw fossil materials, renewable resources such as organic acetate are used to make Stella McCartney glasses. This green material is produced from responsibly harvested wood pulp.

Limiting the material to acetate and metal has many more advantages than disadvantages: not much material has to be processed because even in small amounts it is very stable due to its high density. This results in spectacle frames with only positive features, which not least includes high wearing comfort due to the low weight of the material. The style is also not affected by the sustainable production method, quite the opposite. The Stella McCartney eyeglasses have exclusive design approaches that positively stand out from other brands.

Which Stella McCartney eyeglasses suit me best?

In our online shop, we offer a wide range of colors and frame shapes so there’s always something for everyone. If you don't want to limit yourself to classic one-color frames, you can also consider contrasting patterned colors. Havana brown and ** multicolored Stella McCartney glasses** are also popular options. By using the filter on the left side of the screen, you can easily sort the entire Stella McCartney eyewear range according to your preferences and quickly find your dream pair of specs. Don’t forget, we also offer Stella McCartney kids glasses so you can match your look with your little one!

If you’ve decided on your favorite pair of glasses but you’re not sure whether they suit your face shape, you can try on most of our models with our 3D Virtual Try-On. Simply turn on your webcam or upload a photo and click on the try-on icon beneath the product image. If you have received your glasses and the frame doesn’t fit quite right, our "Head Optician" has a whole host of tips on topics such as how to repair or adjust your Stella McCartney glasses frame. Last but not least, check out our blog for style inspiration and tips on choosing the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape.

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Since Stella McCartney is one of our high-quality boutique brands, you are guaranteed delivery of Stella McCartney eyewear by tomorrow if we receive your order by 5 pm today. Plus, in addition to free express shipping, we'll throw in an eyeshaker glasses cleaning set to keep your brand new eyewear shining.

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If you want to buy Stella McCartney glasses online at low prices, you've come to the right place. In our branded glasses online shop you will find a wide range of Stella McCartney glasses for women and kids, all with cleaning cloth and case included in the price. Used products and fakes with names like "Stella MacCartney" or "Stella McCartny" have no place in our warehouse.

As eyewear specialists for fashion-conscious customers, we even offer the top labels at affordable prices according to our motto "SEE AND BE SEEN". Reduced price glasses and products from the in-house glasses sale are also available at exclusive prices. This also applies to Stella McCartney children's glasses. So what are you waiting for? Visit us in the extraordinary eyewear world of Edel-Optics and treat yourself to a pair of Stella McCartney glasses with a clear conscience.