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Tutorial 6:
Frame shape - Which model suits

Bei Phil, unserem „Master of the Glasses“
könnt ihr euch das im Video Tutorial beim Profi abschauen.

Frame shapes

Which frame shape suits which face shape? The answer can be found here. According to received opinion, there are basically five face shapes: oval, square, trapeze, heart and round. To determine your own face shape, you only need a mirror. Pull your hair back and look at the contours of your face. In this contribution, we are focusing on two face shapes as examples. For people with square shaped faces we recommend butterfly shaped glasses or round frames that flatter stern facial features. For round shaped faces, people prefer oval or rectangular frames to set accents that make the face appear less round. You can check out our Blog for more details and further information. But above all the right size of glasses is more important than putting emphasis on the frame shape. After all, what you like, is also what suits you. Well at least that is the opinion of Phil, our "Master of the Glasses". If you feel you need competent advice, we would be delighted to help you at Edel-Optics flagship store in the Alstertal shopping centre (AEZ). For a first impression about the advice you will receive there, have a look at the Video Tutorial about the topic..

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Welches Modell passt zu welcher Gesichtsform Zu welcher Gesichtsform runde oder eckige Brillengestelle besser passen und was der Master of the Glasses dazu meint, kannst Du hier erfahren
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