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Cleaning Eyeglasses - Cleaning eyeglass lenses thoroughly

You can watch it in the expert video tutorial by Phil, our "Master of Glasses“.

Cleaning eyeglass lenses thoroughly

Just as you must learn important things in life, you also have to learn how to clean your glasses properly. This starts with determining the right intervals for cleaning your glasses. If you thoroughly clean them once a week, the lenses and frame will last longer. The first step for a thorough cleaning is to hold the glasses under running water to rinse off any coarse particles. Rub the lenses thoroughly with a dash of washing-up liquid and then wash them again. This removes stubborn grease stains effectively, before drying the glasses in circular movements with a cotton kitchen towel. The next step is fine tuning by thoroughly polishing the lenses in circular movements with a microfibre cloth. Please pay attention to two important tips: do not use paper to clean your glasses! This means no Kleenex, kitchen rolls or similar products, because these will scratch the surface of your lenses. And also avoid using strong detergents such as Dettol and similar magic remedies, as these substances can directly damage the coatings. If not, you'll be back at the opticians quicker than you think.
You can watch it in the expert video tutorial by Phil, our "Master of Glasses“.
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