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Tutorial 4:
Ascertaining the - right size Which lens width suits me ?

Bei Phil, unserem „Master of the Glasses“
könnt ihr euch das im Video Tutorial beim Profi abschauen.

Ascertaining the right size of your glasses

How do I order my glasses in the right size? What size of glasses suits me best? Questions after questions, but here are finally the answers that make all the difference when purchasing in the online shop. Stand in front of a mirror with your glasses centred on your nose and check how the temples are aligned. If the temples are straight or very slightly widened then the eyewear is the perfect size for your face and so you can order your next glasses in this fit. However, if the temples are strongly widened, it is the wrong fit, because the frame is obviously far too small. Could it be that you bought a frame from the children’s section by mistake? Of course, there is also the other extreme. If the temples go inward behind the ear, the fashionable frame is definitely too big for your face.  If you are in possession of glasses that are the correct size, you can easily determine the measurement you require by measuring the lens horizontally in the middle from the right to the left edge. Very important!!! Do not measure diagonally, slanting or otherwise but simply hold the eyewear straight to determine the width of the lens. You can use the ascertained measurement for orientation for all eyewear brands on our website, irrespective of whether they are Ray-Ban or Oakley sizes. If you have no suitable glasses available to test this out and have no friends who wear glasses who could lend you their frames: do not despair, just ask Edel-Optics. Or order four or five different models or the same frame in different sizes on the Internet and return the wrong sized ones free of charge within 30 days. Alternatively, you can also try on glasses online. With our virtual mirror, all options are available. You can either upload a photo of yourself and the glasses will be placed on your nose in a 2D format or hold your face in front of our webcam and the fitting is carried out on a 3D model. And so, you can also find your perfect frame in our huge range of designer glasses - with or without a virtual eyewear fitting. Guaranteed!
So gut wie unser „Master of the Glasses“ kann es aber niemand erklären. Daher legen wir Euch auch noch das Tutorial Video zum Thema ans Herz.
Das ist nicht nur informativ, sondern auch unterhaltsam, wie wir finden.
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